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below are only suggestions

yellow butter cake

lemon butter cake

white chocolate butter cake

lemon poppy seed pound cake

almond hazelnut cake

carrot cake

marble cake

red velvet devils food cake

mocha cake

mocha spice cake 

old fashioned fruit cake

pineapple upside down cake

cheese cake

almond dacquoise

yellow genoise

chocolate bourbon cake

hazelnut butter cake

pumpkin cake

buttermilk spice cake

chocolate sour cream cake

banana cake

pina colada cake

blueberry grand marnier pound


van​illa bean butter cream

chocolate butter cream

french mousseline butter cream

white chocolate butter cream

coconut pecan filling

caramel nut filling

chocolate ganache

strawberry or cherry gelee

lemon-lime mousse

caramel mousse

chocolate mousse

hazelnut cream filling

raspberry mouse

creme patissiere flavored as desired

coffee butter cram

custom preserves

chocolate praline crunch

mocha kahlua butter cream

simple american butter cream

caramel nut filling or icing

white chocolate cream cheese butter cream

royal honey butter cream

fruit curds

various bavarian creams

the fillings and icing possibilities are endless, and they will be completely customized