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Flavors and Fillings​​

A cake should be as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye.  Cakes are a celebration of optimism and the best that life has to offer.   Cove Cakes' creations are richly decadent with aromas that will thrill the palate with a sensation of gustatory delight; a luxury to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

All organic ingredients are used when the taste is what it should be. Butter should taste like butter, eggs should taste like eggs and fruits should taste like the fruit it is.  Only the best imported and domestic chocolates are used. Chocolates should have a pure silkiness and depth of flavor that only the Artisan Chocolatier can create.

Your custom cake can be any combination of flavors and textures.  The cake will become your signature creation.

Karen has been trained, as a culinary school graduate.  She understands basic techniques.  From there she derives exciting combinations of flavor and texture.  With such richness and depth of flavor, there is a lingering pleasure and delight that will remind you of what the cake was all about.

Below are examples of popular and original combinations of flavors, textures and fillings

carrot cake

a moist layer cake with pineapple, golden raisins and toasted pecans.  The cake is filled a a cream cheese Italian butter cream, or a Vermont maple syrup Italian butter cream infused with calvados liqueur.

a perfect pound cake

 a cake with a silky smooth texture full of the moist buttery flavor that was so prevalent in the old-fashioned pound cake.  This cake is pure heaven when filled with a vanilla bean, rum infused Italian butter cream

white spiced pound cake

 this cake, with its exceptional moistness and velvety texture marries beautifully with a cinnamon, clove chocolate mousseline filling

golden butter cream cake

this is my favorite!  If you love butter this will be your favorite as well. There is no cake with a more mellow buttery flavor or a rich dense moist crumb.  To make this decadent golden delight even more exciting it is filled with a strawberry Grand Marnier  mousse and fresh strawberries, and iced with a royal honey butter cream

banana rum cake

a moist, light, tender cake rich with banana and a hint of sour cream and lemon.  For this wonderful combination of banana and chocolate I fill the cake with a sour cream, rum chocolate ganache.

lemon poppy seed pound cake

a special way to eat pound cake, this lemon infused, silky smooth cake is blended with poppy seeds for a little extra crunch.  The cake is infused with a lemon simple syrup and filled with a lemon curd or a lemon creme patisserie

classic swiss zuger kirschtorte

a favorite of the Swiss, this version is created with a classic genoise drenched in a Kirsch simple syrup, separated with layers of a pale pink cherry mousseline and a toasted almond dacquoise

chocolate fantasy cake​

a fabulously chocolate cake that, when cut into, surprises the eye and the palate with three distinctly different chocolates.  The velvety light whipped ganache, the flourless truffle-like cake and the light and crisp cocoa meringue combine to create a chocolate lover's dream

chocolate praline Christmas cake

the elegance of chocolate and gold set the stage for sophistication and a break from the traditional.  Dark chocolate cake blends with the luscious praline buttercream and hazelnuts

swiss dream wedding cake

a traditional white or yellow cake is filled with an ethereal lemon curd mousseline

chocolate on chocolate

for your chocolate lovers only, this is the chocolate fudge cake filed and iced with a milk chocolate butter cream

lemon cake

a heavenly butter cake made with fresh lemons and a touch of lemon creme patisserie and a vanilla Italian butter cream sparking with lemon zest

chocolate molasses and brown sugar cake

 this cake, with its distinctive pleasantly bitter edge, 

 is light, yet moist with a strong hit of chocolate.  All closing with a bittersweet finish

white cloud cake

this cake has a color palate of white and yellow, is light in texture and faintly scented with orange.  A classic white genoise is sprinkled with Cointreau and filled with an orange fruit mousseline

southern red velvet cake

a southern classic , this delight features scarlet cake layers infused with buttermilk and cocoa.  For added flavor this wonderful cake is filled and iced with a tangy cream cheese frosting

a classic compromise

to satisfy all, this wonderful marble cake swirls together chocolate and vanilla.  It is filled and iced with a butter cream touched with a bit of caramel

coconut chic

this tropical , stylish cake is a smooth  rich coconut cake filled with alternating layers of passion fruit  or lemon curd and white chocolate butter cream. 

key lime dream

a white chocolate cake is filled with a key lime butter cream alternating with a key lime creme patisserie

christmas lane cake

dried cherries, apricots and jefferson's artisan kentucky bourbon highlight this impressive version of a southern classic.  Glazed with bourbon infused fondant and covered with a toasted enhanced marzipan/fondant combination, this cake can only surprise and delight.

sour cream banana cake

this moist, light, exquisitely tender cake is only made better with a fusion of simple syrup laced with goslings rum, and filled with banana soaked in rum and incorporated into a rich italian butter cream.  All covered with a sour cream ganache  encased with a rum infused fondant.

chocolate oblivion truffle torte

this chocolate favorite is like the creamiest truffle that is layered with a classic rich chocolate mousse.  It is chocolate at it's most intense flavor and perfect consistency.

heavenly rich rum cake

an over the top rum cake infused with a butter rum syrup and filled with an authentic dark roasted vermont maple syrup.

amaretto cake

a rich pound cake  with ground roasted almonds, enriched with brown sugar, amaretto and pure tahitian vanilla bean. The cake is infused with amaretto syrup and filled with vanilla praline crunch butter cream.

white velvet butter cake

this is the softest and most delicate of all butter cakes.  This versatile cake blends well with just about any butter cream except for chocolate  Fresh fruit fillings, fruit curds and white chocolate mousse are only a few of the endless possibilities for filling the cake.  This cake also works beautifully with a simple vanilla italian buttercream.